Easiest way to use the CCDAPP "CSAPA on Board" or "CDAPA on Board" button

The two large buttons on the instruction page www.ccdapp.org/csapa-on-board already have a hyperlink that when clicked will take the viewer to the ccdapp.org home page. So, you can right-click on those large buttons and then choose "copy". Then you can paste that image into any application that will accept pasting an image - and the hyperlink to ccdapp.org should remain intact.

Then select this pasted image and with your mouse, grab the corner handles, and drag and shrink the image proportionally to whatever size is appropriate for you.

Then copy the new, smaller image (CTRL C) and paste it into your final application.

Many will want to add this button to your email "signature", and we encourage you to do so. However, in MS Outlook 'signatures' you can't resize the button so you'll have to follow the instructions above to get the button to the size you want. After you have resized the button, copy it an then open the Outlook insert signatures box. To do this open a new blank email. Then on the 'Insert' tab, choose 'Signature'. Paste the button near your signature. See below - then click on 'Save'.

To add a hyperlink to ccdapp.org on any of the buttons that you have 'downloaded', you will need to add the hyperlink after you have resized and pasted the button into an application that allows for hyperlinks. This is easy to do - just right click on the button, choose 'Hyperlink...' and then type in http://www.ccdapp.org/ in the 'Address box' as shown below.